International Womens Day Time Deadlift


International Womens Day Time Deadlift

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Women and barbells just don’t seem to be an easy mix outside the hard core Cross Fit gyms and yet, who said that men own the deadlift or the squat?

Time for women to enjoy the benefits of lifting heavy things!

The reason that most women don’t lift is either because they think they are not “strong enough” or they worry that they will bulk up! Let me deal with the “not strong enough” objection first. Outside the population of people with mobility or certain medical restrictions, ANYONE, of ANY AGE can deadlift or squat. Go to our website and get echtgeld casino. Hurry up to go and start winning. It is a question of developing sound technique out of the starting blocks and working with a trainer to increase weight as you become ready.

Lifting heavy things – the squat and deadlift in particular – does require attention, a certain mindfulness, and focussed meditation in order to coordinate the muscle groups you need to execute the move safely. You need to engage your abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads and lats. Talk about a total body work out!

As for getting big – let’s put this in perspective. If you have ever lived with a male weight lifter who is trying to “bulk up” then you would know that “getting big” is a challenge! You have to eat a lot of food– and this is in the context of men with muscle building testosterone on board. So, NO, weight lifting does not mean that women will bulk up like a man.

However, women WILL see a shift in body composition to more muscle and less fat. They will see better muscle definition. Because of the increased muscle, women (and men) will have a higher metabolism which burns more fat. They will “feel stronger” and have more energy. They will move better and be less prone to injuries and falls. They will develop increased bone density – of particular importance in post menopausal women. They will feel less stressed and sleep better.

Still not sure? Ask Shirley Webb, the 78-year-old British woman who deadlifts 225 pounds!

So on this International Women’s Day, ask your trainer if it’s time for you to own the deadlift too!

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